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Who we are?

CX Solutions is a Canadian-based full service Technology and Communications provider with broad capabilities in customer service enabling solutions, consulting, and technology development.

We provide critical services to many Mental Health organizations across Canada. We are proud to be leveraging our expertise to offer these essential technical support services to Canadians.

What We Do?

Now, more than ever, Canadians need fast and accessible solutions to connect with each other and care for their Mental Health.  We recognize that many people do not have the skills and knowledge required to leverage technology and various available communications options that would vastly improve their ability to connect with resources that are so vital to them during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. 

CX Solutions is ready to help Canadians in Ontario, both citizens needing help navigating resources, and Mental Health practitioners needing help to more efficiently and effectively connect with their patients.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to be part of the solution that helps all Canadians overcome technology challenges and connect with digitally with essential services during this time of mandatory physical distancing directives from our government.

We thrive on solving critical problems that help people connect.  Passionate about Ontario, the community we operate in, and the country we live in – we want to provide our services to help make a difference.

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Technical support

We enable Ontario Citizens and Mental Health Professionals to receive free technical support and navigation assistance through Virtual Mental Health Support Services. The Stay-Connected Service team will provide chat, telephone, and email support for Canadians looking for help in dealing with the various hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing. If you have technical support questions for any medium that you need – we’ve got a team that can assist you to Stay Connected during these challenging times.

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Are you a Provider of Mental Health Services?

As a Mental Health Services provider, you can assess help from our team of technical support experts. They can help you go ‘Virtual’ with your Mental Health Services, providing technical enabling solutions and support. Contact us with any of your technical support needs to enable secure and reliable tech connections with your counselees and patients.

Are you a Canadian resident seeking assistance to connect with remote Mental Health Services?

We are here to help you by providing concierge services to connect you with counsellors or mental health providers that you need to support you through these difficult times. We know that technical barriers may be preventing you from getting the help you need, and we have technical experts available to provide you with free technical assistance.

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